Next WAGGLE dances @ the Landscape Show 17 & 18 September, Battersea Park, London.

TURNING WORLDS has teamed up with the beefriendly trust and the wonderful Dr Luke Dixon, theatre director, bee keeper and writer to raise awareness through Waggle Dances. The bees dance is called WAGGLLING, and with TURNING WORLDS’ expert understanding of creating self-organising systems, we are loving engaging people in outdoor events towards dance, whilst fostering awareness of the vital function of bees, their and our interconnection with community movement and environment, and thus to wider health.

2019 dates:

Don’t Step on a Bee Day 20th July, Carnaby Street; ValleyFest (2-4 August)Somerset; Landscape Show (17 & 18 September); Battersea Park, London.

Dancers include: Ann Pidcock, Gwen Jones, Michael Joseph, Lexi Bradburn, Omari Carter, Angie Goddard, Theresa Hoffman, Jane Turner

Initial experiment seen here on Friday 25th May at Borough Market as part of the Chelsea Fringe 2018.







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