Semaphore#Selfies 2017

Signals to the past whilst waving to the future.

Opening with a Semaphore that reimagines iconic modern dance pioneer Loie Fuller who developed lighting and chemical effects in the advancement of new performance, the dancers’ movements interact with command-led tracking technologies, triggering sound, notation and poetic invention. Considering the human compulsion for self-documentation guided us to the sculptures of John Mills and ultimately new dance and film articulations of the inner worlds of the company dancers in different environments intertwined into film dance choreography.

Exploring notation and self-presentation resulted in the baroque, the minuet and gesture and through technological invention, to new performance Choreograms of dance, poetry and music as routes for expression and composition in a multi channeled world.

‘Turning Worlds, a complex, multi-disciplinary, and ultimately, beautiful performance – both visually and sonically – was so layered upon completion that it almost defies summary. Exploring and deconstructing the stiff structure of formal, and specifically, courtly, dance, Turning Worlds related the subversion of free and fluid movement to a revolt in wider society. The combination of music, spoken word, technology, video and dance worked in perfect symbiosis, culminating in something fresh, exciting and not to be missed.’

Creative Team:

Choreographer: Jane Turner
Composer/Performance technologist: Richard Hoadley
Dancers: Michael Barnes, Natacha Bisarre, David Ogle, Ann Pidcock , Gwen Jones, Grégoire A. Meyer
Film & Photography: Chris Frazer Smith
Poet: Phil Terry
Costumes: Sam Dightam
Additional Music: Maurizio Ravalico, Antonio Padre Soler, Amos Tobin

Created with support from Arts Council England

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