An erotic, exotic projection evolving in time, the Showgirl is a chameleon, adapting her look to the frame. She glories in your gaze and returns the stare.

This vibrant digital dancetheatre work brings together a large cast with cutting edge visual technologies to create iconic dance theatre that explores our enduring relationship with the the Showgirl.

Taking the fast pace and tight structure of a revue spectacular TROOP celebrates the theatricalised female form and the power of the dancing line as the dancers’ differences of identity, desire and experience interweave into a matrix of dazzling dance and digital wizardry.

“Troop is a classic seduction parade.”
Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

“Troop truly captured the glamour and individualism of the showgirl.”

“An elegant and engaging tribute to that beautiful creature, The Showgirl.”
Dorothy Max Prior, Total Theatre

“Mesmerising, playful and provocative, and sure to attract audiences wherever it goes”
East Anglian Daily Times

“a fascinating deconstruction of the showgirl”
Professor Valerie Briginshaw, Chichester University

Created with support from arts council england, Escalator at the Junction, The Facility London Metropolitan University TROOP has toured to: Purcell Room, SBC; Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh; Colchester Arts Centre, Junction Cambridge, New Cut Arts Centre, the Hat Factory, Eastern Region; Chichester University.

“The debate surrounding the suggested objectification of the showgirl is particularly relevant today amidst a boom in the art of burlesque, which traditionally features dancing girls and striptease, and is a popular feature of the international nightlife scene. Choreographer Jane Turner, who first worked as a showgirl at the Scala Ballet in Barcelona, offers a glimpse into the dynamics of the dancing line via contemporary dance theatre in Troop. Turner’s cast is fronted by seven dancing girls, each distinguished by a personalised costume – Sam Dightham’s deliciously modern combination of frills and flesh – which befits their sexualised caricature. Turner’s movement material is inspired by “showy” steps and kicks, and the bare-footed dancers overlay a more organic, earthy element until the addition of character shoes transforms them into leggy stereotypes. It also provides the basis for a sequence where each dancer chatters away on a mobile phone (it’s actually a discarded shoe, although it’s so well-acted it may as well be a phone). They gossip and natter while moving around the space – snatches of speech rising up from the hum of voices – seemingly unaware of the audience, who have become voyeuristic witnesses of these private conversations. Highlights like these are plenty….. Turner’s material is often fresh, her cast of leading ladies well chosen, a convincing performance.”
Katie Gregory, DANCE TODAY

The Team:

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Jane Turner
Dance Artists: Jenny Atwood, Natacha Bisarre, Mirjam Gurtner, Gregoire Meyer, Jessye Parke, Ann Pidcock, Jo Stobbs, Tim Taylor
Digital VJ: Nick Rothwell –
Photography: Chris Frazer Smith –
Dramaturge: Andrea Stuart
Music: Daniel Biro, Amos Tobin, Tartini, Silver Ray
Costume Design: Sam Dightham
Artistic Associate: Luke Dixon
Publicity and PR: Anna Goodman, Abstrakt Publicity

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