Taking Turns 2019

The 2019 Taking Turns project for over 55s responded to the neuroscience that explains how through our mirror neurons, social physical engagement in response to others evolves mutual empathy, language and mind. Launched with a Women’s Institute group the project workshops at the Baldock Arts & Heritage Centre developed with support from Amber Health, a locally trusted health and care provider who required movement classes as next step opportunities for patients needing to gain strength, confidence and fitness post treatment.

A touring interactive cabaret for older performers developed with Tim Taylor, delighting and engaging large elder groups from a Village open day to Duckie’s Posh Clubs (very popular, well subscribed theatrical ‘tea dances’) in Hackney, Southwark, Crawley, Hastings and Hove. Taking Turns performative and participative content were shared at the international BODY IQ conference, BERLIN 17th November 2019.


Current Work

Selected Works