Passage for PAR

In June Jane was part of the weaving, stitching, chugging line of dancers who made up Passage for Par, a site-specific performance for 30 women created for and presented on Par Beach, Cornwall by one of the UK’s most celebrated choreographers Rosemary Lee who brought together an international cast of dancers for the Groundwork Festival, curated by Cast (the Cornubian Arts and Science Trust) that

“encapsulates the synergy between site and artwork that stamps Groundwork’s installations. Nowhere was this truer than on Par Beach, where choreographer Rosemary Lee staged “Passage for Par” (2018), a contemporary dance work made for the location. A lip of sand wedged between the fume-wreathed cylinders of a working china clay factory and the ivy-dark slopes of Gribbin Head, the lizard-green shoreline glitters thanks to its natural quota of quartz and mica. A ‘light footprint’ is needed, given the acute imbalance of numbers between tourists and residents here, as the tide turned under a brûlée-rich sunset, Lee’s performers — 30 women dressed in dark navy, their arms interlinked — moved across the reptilian pelt with tiny, impeccable gestures that married minimalism to folk dancing. For two hours, the audience, who ranged from art students to picnicking families, remained mesmerised by the collective display of inner and outer unity — not a foot could falter or all would collapse like dominoes. Lee’s only injunction to viewers was to stay at a distance as the troupe’s fluid calligraphies were best appreciated from afar.

Groundwork’s willingness to risk weaving its story out of the transitory, traceless and unexpected makes it a valuable new strand in the fabric of our cultural world.” (Rachel Spence, July 2018, Financial Times)

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