Creative Collaborations

Artists, like scientists, seek to uncover the secrets of the universe.

Working with brilliant people is the great honour that comes with collaboration and notable experiences have included working with Malaysian composer and academic Valerie Ross on Blue Spot performing as an additional ‘body instrument’ with Jorg Fachner (saz), Tom Ainge (voice), Hibiki Ichikawa (tsugaru shamizen), Deepak Venkateshvaran (tabla), Shuraifa Faruqi (electronics) at Chuchill College Chapel in 2014.”This composition is an outcome of the composer’s research interest in brainwave activity particularly among musicians. This interest is spurred by the composer’s observations of traditional music and musical instruments used in rituals and healing ceremonies. The engagement of music to elicit organic reactions and as a medium for healing date back to Ancient times” Ross, V.

2012’s Principia was based on the impossibility of Symbolic Logic, a failed philosophical project of Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead last published 1912. Principia was a collaboration with composer/opera singer Tyrone Landau and dancer Timothy Taylor and first performed at the Conway Hall in ‘an interesting mix of song, dance and dialogue to expose the audience to the paradoxes that Whitehead and Russell faced and which everyone did want to talk about’ Prof. Steven Bishop, Newsletter of the London Mathematical Society. Also presented as part of a symposium focusing on Collaborative Creative Practice at London Metropolitan University November 2013

Through discussions with Professor Alan Blackwell at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory TURNING WORLDS presented Herd ‘I loved your work’ Stephen Jolly Director of External Affairs, Cambridge University, before being invited to participate in The Open House Festival of Interactive Technology that was hosted/supported by Microsoft Research with Cambridge University. Here I collaborated for the first time with Richard Hoadley, Tom Hall, and composer/pianist Cheryl Frances-Hoad (the Triggered team) in creating a music/dance performance based on emergent rule systems.

Here a collaboration with the unique chalk quarry at Odsey, Steeple Morden and the music of Pipatpong Preechaporn. Film maker Chris Frazer Smith.

Jane Turner

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