Choreographer Jane Turner

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Semaphore as part of Light Moves, Limerick November 2016

Signalling to the past whilst waving to the future, the 2014 dancefilm Semaphore TURNING WORLDS' performance works Quantum and Selfies and particularly celebrates the work of modern dance pioneer Loie Fuller who developed lighting and chemical effects in the advancement of new performance.
Dancer: Gwen Jones
Film/photography: Chris Frazer Smith
Music: Howard Haigh

The film is featured in the Short Films programme showing on Sunday 6th November at the international Light Moves Dance Film Festival in Limerick.

As part of a larger performance work Semaphore was most recently performed @Cardiff M.A.D.E, Thursday July 9th 2015

Music: Richard Hoadley
Dancers: Gwen Jones, Ann Pidcock
Film/photography: Chris Frazer Smith
Poetry: Phil Terry
Costume: Sam Dightham

Semaphore 5 from Jane Turner on Vimeo.