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LUST was founded in 1992 by Jane Turner, Daniel Biro and K.M. Pennhalligon as an artist-led multi-arts organisation whose primary aim was to sidestep the middle-man and produce and promote multi-disciplinary performance events both at its home territory, London, U.K. and internationally, exploring ideas and influences from Cocteau to Chaos Theory, Musique Concrete to New Comedy, Dada to Digital Arts

Through an interdisciplinary programming strategy LUST reached new audiences for high quality performance work in areas such as contemporary music, dance, film and theatre in high-profile, well publicised events at cutting edge venues.
LUST's activities embraced a series of innovative productions/projects that have brought together a wide range of contemporary artists working across artistic media that have generated strong momentum and considerable public following.

LUST has not been active in the millennium as Biro and Turner's collaborative investigation into emergence theory took over: see www.unsafesound.com

Past LUST events:

Strange Fruits - LUSTfest '98 U.K., Germany, France March - December '98
Co-organisers : Zoo/NRW, C.I.R.M.,LUST, working in different media. Performances included 4 differently themed programmes in the bar and theatre at the ICA, London; a new programme toured to 4 different venues across NW region Germany ; different programme presented for 3 evenings at La Station - a new venue in Nice, France. Artists presenting work included: Fabienne Audeoud, Malcolm Boyle, L'Orange, Obst Obscura, Jarmila Xymena Gorna, Retina Dance Company, Peter Lockett, Jane Chapman, Evan Parker, Lawrence Casserley, Turning Worlds.

LUST at the Union Chapel Islington, London, U.K. May, June, July '98
A series of exploratory public workshop sharings of new performance experiments by LUST artists feeding into the Strange Fruits project.

the LUSTful Festival Neues Theater, Munich, Germany June '97
LUST invited to present 4 evenings of work at Munich's Neues Theater.
Supported by the British Council

the LUSTful Festival '96 ICA, London, 29, 30,31 October, 1 November '96
Four differently themed evenings of varied cross-arts work by a wide range of artists including La Ribot, Elena Riu, Steve Tiplady, Deborah Baddoo, Siren Circus, Evelyn Ficarra, John Palmer, Luc Martinez, Daniel Biro.

Lost Rushes
Water Rats, London, 25 & 26 June '95Celebrating the Centenary of Cinema through a range of works exploring the time/space paradoxes of film through film/music/performance collages.

The Comparative anatomy of Angels, Water Rats, London, March '95
An evening of work exploring Romantic archetypal figures from Coleridge to Aleister Crowley and celestial voices.

Who Killed Pinocchio? Water Rats, London, November '94An evening of works around the theme of lies and false appearances including song cycles, poetry, music and film.

Through the Mirror Notre Dame Hall & Turtle Key Arts Centre, London '93
A tribute to Jean Cocteau's insistence that all art forms are inter-related.
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