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A Rare Glimpse 2016

A Rare Glimpse from Jane Turner on Vimeo.

This dancefilm created with director Chris Frazer Smith and dancer Tim Taylor resulted from a couple of performance making workshops at Conway Hall led as part of the Testing Ground programme; Quantum Leap and Tango Theatre. In these, a creative relationship was ignited with painter and participant Levana Assouline and the idea to create a live painting as a score for a dance duet was first performed at Conway Hall and led on to the creation of this film. It was awarded Pavilion Dance South West’s Joie de Vivre Bronze Award July 2016 and was presented as part of the Art of Age II performance programme at Lillian Baylis Theatre, Sadlers Wells December 2016.

Blue Spot October 25th 2014 Performed as the 'body' in a new work by composer Valerie Ross at Churchill College Chapel , Cambridge 6.30pm 25 October 2014 as part of the BIBAC (Building Interdisciplinary Bridges Across Cultures) Conference. "This composition is an outcome of the composer’s research interest in brainwave activity particularly among musicians. This interest is spurred by the composer’s observations of traditional music and musical instruments used in rituals and healing ceremonies [5]. The engagement of music to elicit organic reactions and as a medium for healing date back to Ancient times, evidenced in biblical scriptures and historical writings of ancient civilisations such as Egypt, China, India, Rome and Greece. Perhaps, the brain has been ‘entrained’ by different kinds of stimuli such as drum beats and vibrations".
‘Personifying Interculturality: Performing Research’.


2012-13 First presented at Kettles Yard, Cambridge May 13 2012 with further presentations at the Live Interfaces Conference, Leeds University 8th September and the Intime Symposium, Coventry University, 20 October, and Kings Place, London Sunday 14th April 2013.

This work investigates the boundaries between synchronisation and simultaneity and comprises an experimental interactive sculpture created by composer Richard Hoadley for dancer(s) using data from sensors to help generate electronic sounds and music notation live, which is then played by the composer and occasional (brilliant) 'cellist Cheryl Frances-Hoad.

Video of the presentation @ the Intime Symposium, Coventry University, 20th October 2012.

The Fluxus Tree from Richard Hoadley on Vimeo.

2010 Presented a new 3 minute solo as part of Dr. Peter Lovatt's show 23 Feelings in Dance, at the Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh. Peter Lovatt leads the Laboratory of Dance Psychology at the University of Herts. The production communicated his research into how emotion is expressed in individual movement and bodies.

Biograph (2008) a new collaboration with Stephen Tiplady of Indefinate Articles and visual artist Sally Brown led to a solo performance with shadow play at Battersea Arts Centre, London 21 December 2008.

The Living Boneyard (1999) a duet in collaboration with Canadian dance-artist Lisa Cochrane that contemplates the notion of preservation and disintegration of body and memory. A frigid yet ironic dance that pits mathematical obsession against cellular instinct. Commissioned by the Atlantic New Dance Festival, Nova Scotia and further performed at the Newfoundland Dance Festivals 1999. Dance. Theatre. 20 white rabbits . Set. Costume.

Stoffe I-IV (1998) 4 solo dances to new piano compositions by Andreas Koeper presented in Germany: Wuppertal, Herne, Oldenburg, Stuttgart, 1988; and Jackson's Lane, London, Autumn 2000.

Exposed (1998) with singer/writer L'Orange, a performance exploring French writer
Collette's period as music critic in Paris. First performed Union Chapel July '98, Battersea Arts Centre '99, London.

COMPOST (1997)

In a sharp subversion of the daytime TV format, an urbane lecture demonstration on gardening frames a trenchant investigation of sexuality and the human species. Botanical metaphors, a garden hose, burlesque and physical theatre cross-fertilise in this solo work that celebrates Nature's methods of invention. Commisioned by Chisenhale Dance Space, Now '97 and Dance 4. Toured to Glastonbury Dance, Alsager Arts Centre and ICA and BAC, London 2000.

ChAnGE'S Music (1998) tribute to the unique spirit of John Cage in collaboration with the music of Joseph Anderson (winner Bourges 1997 competition), and film by Jackie Walduck. Union Chapel, London.

Strange Attractors (1996-9) Essential complexity from a simple equation - orbital improvisational duet of solo dance and electric piano with Daniel Biro, composer. Performed: France, Munich, London: ICA, the Colliseum Project, London Palladium, Union Chapel.

Solo Landing (1994)
The parachute softens the landing, this desertion into arid, open space.
Mirages distort perceptions, I shed skins. Imagination dreams; oases.

Initiated in Spain through an Arts Council Live Art travelling award, the project was researched and developed in Madrid through support from an Artists' Placement award. A collaboration with visual artist Georg Wallen which had an initial showing at the Sala Triangulo in Madrid and before further touring: Chisenhale Dance Space, the Studio Theatre, Turtle Key Arts Centre, London.
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